Capuchon de Poteau Solaire Oxford - Noir

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De conception similaire à notre capuchon de poteau solaire Cambridge à profil bas, l'Oxford est fabriqué à partir d'aluminium coulé robuste et résistant aux intempéries avec une finition satinée à revêtement en poudre durable qui est offerte en trois couleurs. Doté d'une lentille en verre décorative unique et de deux LED à montage en surface, le capuchon de poteau solaire Oxford 6x6 projettera une lumière naturelle chaude qui s'allumera automatiquement au crépuscule, créant un paysage pittoresque pour votre clôture, votre porche ou votre terrasse. Un autre design supérieur de Classy Caps. Adaptateur inclus pour s'adapter à plus de 3 tailles de poteaux – un poteau réel de 15,2 x 15,2 cm, 14 x 14 cm ou 12,7 x 12,7 cm.

  • Lampes solaires haute performance - restent allumées jusqu'à 12 heures
  • S'allume automatiquement tous les soirs / interrupteur d'arrêt automatique
  • 2 LED à montage en surface à haut rendement pour une lumière naturelle chaude
  • Fabriqué en fonte d'aluminium durable
  • Véritable lentille en verre décorative
  • 1 pile rechargeable AA Ni-MH longue durée incluse
  • S'adapte sur un poteau réel de 15,2 x 15,2 cm, 14 x 14 cm ou 12,7 x 12,7 cm (adaptateur inclus).
  • Installation rapide et facile à faire soi-même.
  • 10 Lumens / 2700-3200 Kelvin

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5" x 5"


5,5" x 5,5" (nominal 6x6)


6" x 6"


Avantages des capuchons de poteaux solaires Classy Caps™


L'éclairage solaire permet d'économiser sur les coûts énergétiques. Pas besoin de câblage ou de minuteries. Les lumières s'allument automatiquement la nuit.


La douce lueur des énergies renouvelables transforme la nuit en une oasis magique et écologique.


Un moyen de dissuasion efficace contre les intrus, éclairant les environs et créant un sentiment de sécurité.

Fais le toi-même

L'installation rapide et facile élimine le besoin d'embaucher un électricien ou un bricoleur.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
jo deere

I really like these classy caps, they put out more light than I expected. Shipped fast & arrived intact. I will probably get more!

Hi Jo! Thank you so much for leaving a review on the Oxford Solar lights! We are glad you are enjoying your lights!

Dexter Hall
Solar Deck Post Cap Lights

Working well. Hope they last.

Hello Dexter, thank you for your review on the Oxford solar lights. We are happy you are enjoying your lights!

Solar Post Cap

The product is of good quality and comes with nice hardware. All four lights worked properly as advertised. To fit the lights on the post a decent amount of modifications had to be made. This was factored in with the purchase as the deck posts were 5”x6”. The mounting bracket can be fit two different way’s which helped for a tighter fit. I would recommend the product.

Hi John! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful and thorough review. We are very happy you are enjoying your Oxford lights!

Steven Fulbright
Great product

Bought the Classy Caps Black Oxford Solar Post Cap light. Great light, great price, easy install, works fantastic. What more could you ask for.

Hello Steven, thank you for your review on the Oxford solar light. We are happy you are enjoying your lights!

Donald Hott
Nothing short of astounding ...

We were so pleased with transformation of our original order for our gated driveway entrance, we decided to continue the makeover and install the exact same Oxford Solar Post Caps on 150' of ramping between our upper and lower decks of our country home. That transformation of the much-needed lighting makes an architectural metamorphosis by providing a well-lit and softly illuminated ADA compliant path 75' up to a well-lit landing, then continue 75' up to the upper porch all the while providing a safe softly lit track during the 11' elevation change. The addition of these solar powered lights provided the aforementioned "nothing short of astounding" title for this review. Again, we assembled the new 32 solar powered post lights and soundly secured them, all in less than 4 hours ... and without a single failure of any of the units. Kudos to the Classy Caps folks for expeditiously getting our inordinately large order assembled and shipped without delay.

Hi Donald! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful and thorough review. We are very happy you are enjoying your Oxford lights! Very appreciated!

Donald Hott
Beyond pleased

Purchased the 6"X6" Qxfords over 1 year ago. I admittedly was skeptical of any solar product being not only well made, but still productive over at least one year with little or no appreciable loss. Well if your looking for a a solar powered cap light for your deck, patio, driveway entrance etc., you needn't look further because mine has worked amazingly well, through all four seasons. The entire unit is made out of aluminum and glass and will far out perform any sun-degrading polyethylene ( plastic ) units. We have ( like the bulk of the rest of the country ) experienced wild swings of temperatures along with extended periods of harsh high wind inclement weather, and none of the 16 units I put in on my driveway entrance have failed yet. One the few " you get what you pay for " companies I've dealt with in a long time.

Hi Donald! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful and thorough review. We are very happy you are enjoying your Oxford lights!

Murray Adam
Classy Caps - Great Company To Deal With

Ordered a couple of solar post caps from Classy Caps, installed easy look great. Problem with one and CC’s customer service stepped up immediately and sorted it out. Lots of companies talk customer service but these folks actually practice it.

Once our deck is finished I need to order more caps, they will be from Classy!

Hi Murray! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Glad to hear that we were able to resolve the issue with your one cap, and we look forward to seeing some photos of your finished project. Thank you for choosing Classy Caps!