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01. Why Is My Solar Light Not Lighting Up?

02. How To Install Solar Post Caps

03. Why Does My Solar Post Cap Not Fit On My Post?

04. How to Replace Battery

05. How To Install Kingsbridge Solar Post Cap

06. How To Install SLO82 Imperial Solar Post Cap

07. How To Install TRA45 Base Adapter

08. How to Install Solar Post Cap on Flat Railing


Why Is My Solar Light Not Lighting Up?

Battery Replacement

Ensure the battery is making secure contact with the terminal. Batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years.

Insufficient Sunlight

Ensure the light fixture is placed in direct sunlight for best results. Avoid placing directly under trees, buildings, eaves, or other light sources.

Dirty Solar Panel

Dirt or debris may be obstructing the solar panel from sunlight. Periodically clean the light fixture with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.


How to Install Solar Post Caps

Insert Rechargeable Battery

Remove the lid from the base and install provided batteries. (Some models have pre-installed batteries).

Turn AUTO/OFF Switch to AUTO

The AUTO/OFF switch is located underneath the lid. Ensure switch is set to AUTO.


Many of our Solar Post Caps are equipped with multiple post adapters for multiple sizes of posts. Attach the correct sized adapter for your posts. Re-attach lid.

Mount Fixture To Post

Secure to post using the mounting hardware provided.


Why Does My Solar Post Cap Not Fit On My Post?

Proper Adapter

Many of our Solar Post Caps are equipped with multiple post adapters. Ensure that you have selected the appropriate adapter for your post.

Post Measurement

Remeasure your posts. Did you know a wood 4-by-4 is most-commonly only 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches?


How To Replace Battery

Locate The Battery

Locate the battery compartment (usually located on the underside of the light fixture). Re

Remove Battery and Replace

New rechargeable batteries can be purchased at your local hardware store or online retailer. Replace battery every 1-3 years.


How to Install Kingsbridge Solar Post Cap

Select Base Adapter

The 3.5" x 3.5" (4x4 Nominal) base adapter comes pre-assembled. To switch the base adapter, continue with the next steps.

Remove the LED’s / Wire

Carefully Remove the 4 LED's from the base using a small straight edge screwdriver - pry upwards on the side tabs of the LED's that are attached to the wire.

Twist to Remove Base Adaptor

Twist the adapter clockwise to remove.

Feed the LED’s / Wire Through

Feed the LED's / wire through the base for your size post and twist base clockwise to secure the solar top.

Snap The LED’s Back Into Place

Snap the 4 LED's back into place - clockwise direction.

Insert Battery and Turn To AUTO

On the bottom of the light fixture, insert provided battery and turn the AUTO/OFF switch to AUTO.

Mount to Post

Secure to post with provided hardware. Attach screw covers to hide unsightly screw holes.


How to Install #SLO82 Imperial Solar Post Cap

Install Battery & Turn AUTO/OFF Switch to AUTO

Twist-off the removable lid from base, then turn AUTO/OFF switch to AUTO. Twist the lid back into place.

Remove the Pre-Installed 2" x 2" Base adapter

The 2" x 2" adapter comes pre-installed. To install a different adapter, the 2" x 2" adapter must first be removed. If you are mounting to a 2" x 2" post, leave the 2" x 2" adapter installed.

Select Appropriate Adapter

Insert the adapter that best accommodates your post.

Press Firmly Onto Post

Apply the fixture firmly onto the post. The compression fit design does not require screws or drilling. An exterior grade caulking can be applied if desired.


How to Install #TRA45 4.5" x 4.5" Base Adapter

Remove Imperial Solar Post Cap Lid

Twist clockwise to remove lid from base.

Remove Lens From Base

Using a drill or screwdriver, remove the 4 screws that secure the clear lens to the aluminum base. Discard the aluminum base.

Replace Base and Reattach

Replace the discarded aluminum base with the #TRA45 4.5" x 4.5" Base Adapter. Reattach the clear lens to the base adapter using the existing screws.

Mount To Post

Ensure battery is installed and AUTO/OFF switch is set to AUTO. Twist to reattach the removeable lid. Place fixture onto post and secure using provided hardware.


How to Install Solar Post Cap on Flat Railing

Saw-Off A Small Wood Block

Ensure the wood post is the required dimensions to accommodate the solar post cap. For Example: a 4" x 4" post for a 4" x 4" solar post cap.

Secure The Block To The Railing

Fasten the block to the railing by drilling or gluing.

Secure Fixture To Wood Block

Place fixture onto wood block and secure using provided mounting hardware.