Black Aluminum Hampton Solar Lamp With Lamp Post Base

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Compliment your outdoor arrangement with the stylish and refined  beauty of the Hampton Solar Lamp. With traditional yet elegant design, this durable cast aluminum solar lamp features real decorative glass lens, auto-off switch and 5 surface mount LED's for brilliant, warm and natural looking light.  The Hampton will give lasting character and definition to any outdoor environment. 63" (160 cm) aluminum lamp post (Model # LPB59) Included.


Benefits of Classy Caps™ Solar Lighting


Solar lighting save on energy costs. No need for wiring or timers. Lights turn on automatically at night.


The soft glow of renewable energy transforms the night into a magical and eco-friendly oasis.


An effective deterrent against intruders, illuminating the surroundings and creating a sense of security.


Quick and Easy installation eliminates the need to hire an electrician or handyman.