Classy Caps Portland Smart Solar Driveway/Wall Light

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Introducing the new Classy Caps Portland Smart Solar Light!
The Portland smart solar driveway / wall light adds a subtle but creative accent to your outdoor space. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the Portland is a versatile design that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It is a perfect accent light for your drive or laneway and durable enough to absorb the weight of a large vehicle. Hang the Portland smart light fixture to a post or wall to light up a large variety of settings such as gardens, pathways, driveways, decks, docks, laneways and much more. Group multiple smart lights together to create a full atmosphere for your outdoor living space that will truly impress. 

Remote control the solar light with your smartphone through Tuya Smart App, change the mood and theme with the dimmer control or color wheel selection with the option of up to 16 million color variations! Make a statement by choosing the music feature and watch your solar lights shine to the beat of your favorite tune! This unequivocally smart Classy Caps Portland solar light offers convenience, ease and of course artistry to your outdoor setting!


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Benefits of Classy Caps™ Solar Lighting


Solar lighting save on energy costs. No need for wiring or timers. Lights turn on automatically at night.


The soft glow of renewable energy transforms the night into a magical and eco-friendly oasis.


An effective deterrent against intruders, illuminating the surroundings and creating a sense of security.


Quick and Easy installation eliminates the need to hire an electrician or handyman.

Customer Reviews

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marianne humphreys
Escellent product, lasts forever!!!!

We purchased 3 japanese style lights for our posts in the front yard about 12 years ago and they still look like the day we put them on the postsl We put3 posts in the ground at different heights and put these beautiful white lights on them. They look beautiful and flicker like a candle and people who walk by comment on their beauty,

Hi Marianne! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are happy you are enjoying your lights!